after almost a year of posting three images that inspire me a day, i will now take a break for a couple of weeks due to the summer holidays. there are some things crossing my mind, though, and i’d like to have some input from you. but first, i want to thank my you, my dear followers (almost 250 now, at the time of writing) for the shown interest so far!

right now, these three posts a day (automatically posted from my queue), take up a lot of my time, especially since i collect them with proper filenames on my computer as well, i search for the author, title and year of all art and design, i tag them properly and insert links to the websites of the artists and the place i found the works. for just three posts, this quickly adds up to 15 minutes of work, and since i don’t update the blog on a daily basis, but usually once every two weeks, it costs me a big part of the day.

since i just don’t have time for that anymore, especially not next year (graduation year for my graphic design studies), i’m looking for a way to change my blog in such a way that i can still add interesting stuff on a daily basis, but with less effort.

what input i’d like from you, though, is to know what it is you like about the blog, what information about the artworks you find useful, and if you have some input for possible improvements (maybe third-party software that makes this kind of posting, archiving or tagging easier, or removing time consuming information like links to websites that are never used anyway, or maybe just using a link to the source, and no other text sources at all).

in short: do you have ideas about how i can improve this blog, and save me a lot of time updating it?

welcometo (adam machácek, sébastien bohner), 2010

uncanny surrealism and graphic design

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